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About Persis Corporation

Persis Corporation is a privately held corporation with a long history in the media and real estate industries. For over one hundred years, Persis owned and operated the largest daily newspaper in Hawai‘i, The Honolulu Advertiser. Persis Corporation also owned a number of smaller daily and weekly publications throughout the Pacific Northwest. In the early 1990s, Persis Corporation sold its newspaper holdings and diversified into commercial real estate, small luxury hotels, and private equity investments.

In 1999, Persis Corporation made the strategic decision to focus exclusively on commercial real estate investing and management. Persis Corporation owns and manages 39 retail commercial real estate properties in 11 states.

Persis Corporation History

1820Asa and Lucy Thurston arrive in Hawaii from Connecticut
1856Pacific Commercial Advertiser (now known as The Honolulu Advertiser) is founded
1898Lorrin A. Thurston, grandson of Asa and Lucy Thurston, acquires Pacific Commercial Advertiser
1921The newspaper is renamed The Honolulu Advertiser
1931Lorrin P. Thurston, son of Lorrin A. Thurston, succeeds his father as publisher of The Honolulu Advertiser
1961Thurston Twigg-Smith (nephew of Lorrin P. Thurston) becomes publisher of the newspaper and is elected President in 1962
1967Asa (Hawaii) Corporation is founded
1978Asa (Hawaii) Corporation changes its name to Persis Corporation (Persis Goodale Thurston was the daughter of Asa and Lucy Thurston)
1993 to PresentPersis Corporation sells The Honolulu Advertiser to the Gannett Company for $250 million and invests in commercial real estate